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La Fundacion Luker

THE LUKER FOUNDATION is a private non-profit organization of business origin in Successors of José Jesús Restrepo & Cia. S.A. - CasaLuker S.A., incorporated on November 24, 1994.

We have reached 25 years of work and this experience allows us to affirm that an educated and enterprising person transforms and generates development. In the last year we continue betting on education and entrepreneurship that position Manizales as one of the best cities in Colombia.

As a general balance of what was achieved in 2019, we can affirm that the projects we are advancing in the hands of our allies continued to strengthen to allow our city to stand out nationally and internationally.

In addition to the achievements indicated in the Management Charter, Manizales was recognized by Unesco as a Learning City. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), included Manizales in the World Network of Learning Cities, of which 18 are in Latin America. The Luker Foundation, in partnership with the National University and within the framework of the Manizales University Campus project, was part of the application process. Additionally, the Mayor's Office recognized the Foundation team for having been part of this process.

Gestar Futuro, the program developed in Manizales by the Nutrir Foundation, the Manizales Mayor's Office, the Sagrada Familia Corporation, the Éxito Foundation and the Luker Foundation, was recognized as the most successful experience in child nutrition in the Society Organizations category Civil in the framework of the 75 assembly of the ANDI and the National Network of Food Banks (ABACO), framed in the National Alliance for Child Nutrition 2019.

Jose Aguirre