We have set the goal to make of Manizales a leading city in education and entrepreneurship through work. Last year, we made important advances in that direction.

Two new public schools were included in the Urban Active School Project, reaching 21 out of the 37 urban public schools and benefiting 21 thousand children in the city. This represents 56% of the public urban schools of Manizales, a quite respectable achievement.

The Universidad en Tu Colegio project continues to be a wonderful alternative for 10th and 11th grade students, providing a professional technical or work program, without the need to travel to the university. In 2017, 1050 youths were benefited, which fills us with great satisfaction and pride.

Together with the IDB and Harvard University, we continue trying and evaluating different strategies, which will allow us to identify the best practices aimed at increasing the level of performance of more than 50% of primary school children of Manizales with problems reaching the minimum required levels in reading, writing, and mathematics, as shown in the Saber tests.

On the other hand, the Manizales University Campus project was included in the Territorial Ordering Plan of the city to 2032. The vision proposed by the project was adopted in its entirety, through which the city vision is even more consolidated as a university center of international proportions. On achieving this purpose, we are deeply pleased by the report delivered by the Cómo Vamos Cities Network, regarding the University City index, where Manizales occupies the first place, followed by Bucaramanga and Medellín.

With regard to the matter of Entrepreneurship, the Manizales Más continues to be a winning bet. Last year, this wonderful alliance with more than 14 institutions earned us several recognitions for the promotion of a better entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Furthermore, the alliance with CasaLuker is growing stronger; the sum of knowledge of the Foundation and the Company has enabled us to build and systematize knowledge on cocoa farming and design a joint proposal aiming to build a rural development model in Necocli-Antioquia, which indeed means a great contribution to the construction of a country in peace.

In the year 2017, we received several recognitions for our projects, but without any doubt, the most important of all, came from our beneficiaries, our reason to exist. We are grateful to all of them.

Finally, I would like to thank our excellent team made up of employees, board members, advisory committee members, and allies in general because definitely together we are making great achievements. This is a wonderful collective effort of multiple players with the same goal: making the territories where we arrive better places for all.

Pablo Jaramillo Villegas

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